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Career Brand Management

870 students

Skip the stairs and take the elevator to the peak of your career with a personal brand.

What Will I Learn?

  • After taking the course, students will be able to progress their career faster, more effectively and with confidence.


  • Laptop, paper and pen. Preferably have a business degree or interest in learning business.


Are you a University Graduate thinking what now..? What’s next..?

The time after your studies can be really daunting.

Is it time for a job? Time for a gap year? Or time to find another course to study? All to put off the inevitable of jumping into a career.

If you put it off any further your career may become MORE difficult, not easier.

If you studied business this is especially the case. Your possibilities as a business graduate are literally endless which makes it extremely difficult to know what’s right for you.

In this course we attack the 3 questions you are faced with right now.

1 What do I do with my life after studies?

2 How do I do I tackle my career development head on?

3 How do I make sure I’m successful in the long run? (Great Job, Comfy Income & Awesome Lifestyle)

It’s easy to understand why you may have these types of questions.

It’s because, in today’s business environment, the rules have changed.

It’s no longer about planning a lifelong roadmap. Anything planned more than five years into the future will require significant change within 12 months time. And that’s just to keep pace with the speed of the world.

The reason behind this is thanks to the impact that technology has had on business, causing the average lifespan of a business to become only 7 years by the year 2020. So how can you expect to plan your life any further than your job may exist?

Well I’ve got the answer for you, because now, instead of planning from the rote learning system you’ve been taught in the past, you can embrace a set of principles; a mixture of entrepreneurial principles and modern foundations which have been proven to help you accelerate your career with absolute certainty in an uncertain world.

To take the next steps in your future career and your future self, take the action you require now.

Remove the daunting thoughts of your future career and place yourself on a positive trajectory to a more certain life.

Enrol in Career Accelerator now.

Who is the target audience?

  • Business students and early stage professionals looking to quickly progress their career early on.
  • Introduction
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  • Inner Direction
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  • Profit
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  • Communicating You
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  • Unleashing Your Creativity
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  • Building Your Assets
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  • Choosing Your Industry
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  • Unique Value Proposition
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  • Kicking Career Goals
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  • Connecting
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  • Cleanse
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  • Finding Your Voice
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  • Polishing Off The Edges
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  • Skipping The Resume` Line
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  • Working The Net
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  • Presentation
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  • Reads
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  • Why Internships Are Dead
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