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Eric Liboiron

Eric Liboiron has a strong entrepreneurial and administrative background. His entrepreneurial skills have lead him to lay the foundations of four successful startups between 2007 and 2019. Eric Liboiron is the founder and also the president at Zero404, a startup consulting firm. The focus of his efforts is making processes better. Technology is at the center of improvements surrounded by proper task management. Eric Liboiron has been serving different organizations around the world for the past two decades. In different positions, he was able to assist them to improve their business structures. While working for the above mentioned organizations, Eric Liboiron has gained deep experiences. This helps to organize a variety business models. The understanding from a layman's perspective is his strength. This allows him to simplify tasks and operations as a whole. In addition to assisting others launch and grow, Eric has designed holistic business structures for his own visions. Overcoming numerous challenges has allowed Eric to witness what works and what doesn't. This helps his managers operate the various business models. Giving Eric much experience His specialties: ♦Business Modeling ♦Lean Startups ♦Negotiations ♦Business Development ♦Creative Marketing ♦Financing ♦Entrepreneurship ♦Massive Idea Generation

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